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Grass cutter


As a professional grass cutter manufacturer, we supply many different kinds of grass cutter with high quality. We also offer OEM & ODM service, develop new products according to clients' individual requests and designs.If you can't find appropriate style or type, just send us your requestments and specification, and we will evaluate its feasibility as soon as possible.


Product name: grass cutter
Item No.: GCZA01/02

Cutting dia.:220/240/250MM

No load speed:10000RPM
Grip handle
Cutting line dia: Optional 1.2/1.4/1.6MM

Cutting width:
250MM - 1.2MM line
240MM - 1.4MM line
220MM - 1.6MM line

Optional bump line feed & Auto feed



 We can provide all kinds of customized grass cutter. please offer us the specifications in your need. And there are also anyother kinds of garden tool, you can choose free in the world of garden tool. We are the professional manufacturer of tools in China. Welcome to visit our website.             ...more




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